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Homosexuality: (Attraction Towards Same Sex)


The term homosexuality often describes a person's overt behavior, sexual orientation, and sense of personal or social identity. Many persons prefer to identify sexual orientation by using terms such as lesbians and gay men, rather than homosexual. Recent research reports rates of homosexuality in 2 to 4 percent of the population. Freud did not consider homosexuality a mental illness.According to psychodynamic theory, early-life situations that can result in male homosexual behavior include a strong fixation on the mother; lack of effective fathering; inhibition of masculine development by the parentsand losses when competing with brothers and sisters. We can consider homosexuality to be a variation of the sexual functions produced by a certain arrest of sexual development

  • Biological Factors

    Recent studies indicate that genetic and biological components may contribute to sexual orientation. Gay men reportedly exhibit lower levels of circulatory androgens than do heterosexual men. Prenatal hormones appear to play a role in the organization of the central nervous system: The effective presence of androgens in prenatal life is purported to contribute to a sexual orientation toward females, and a deficiency of prenatal androgens (or tissue insensitivity to them) may lead to a sexual orientation toward males. Women with hyperadrenocorticalism are lesbian and bisexual in greater proportion than women in the general population. Genetic studies have shown a higher incidence of homosexual concordance among monozygotic twins than among dizygotic twins. Gay men show a familial distribution; they have more brothers who are gay than do heterosexual men. Another study found that a group of cells in the hypothalamus was smaller in women and in gay men than in heterosexual men. However sometimes when thoughts of homosexuality are egodystonic and if the person is having socio-occupational problems and is wishing to be a heterosexual or if the homosexual thoughts are only obsessive in nature then there are various techniques to help out the person and also to treat the resultant depression etc. what the person is suffering from.


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